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Series: «Life between Lives»

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What Oris writes about in this book series is the most detailed description ever written by human about the entire sequence of events undergone by the Consciousness of a dead person when he returns to his Heavenly Home, which has so many “abodes” that it is impossible for an ordinary person to even imagine.

Oris, using his many years of individual experience of astral travel, describes in detail the Astral and Mental realities he has explored, transforming the Incomprehensibly-Cognizable Existence into Knowledge that is comprehensible to almost every person, which leads readers to a gradual realization of the immutable Truth of their infinite Cosmic Existence.


This book series consists of:

Book 1. «Life without death»: 182 pages
Book 7. «Soul in the Zodiac»:  139 pages
Book 8. «The art of dying»

Part 1:  116 pages
Part 2:  128 pages
Part 3:  122 pages
Part 4:  120 pages
Part 5:  142 pages

Book 15. «Soul in the Higher Worlds»:  165 pages

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