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Series: «Iissiidiology»

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From 2009 to the present, Oris has been working on the book series called «Iissiidiology».

This series consists of the following books:

• Iissiidiology Fundamentals (Volumes 1-6)
• Texts of Ayfaar Songs (Volumes 7-8, previously published under the general title «My Covenant»)
• Dictionary of terms (Volume 9)
• «Immortality is Available to Everyone» (Volumes 10-15),
• «Commentaries to the Fundamentals» (vols. 16-20), which were compiled from the author’s written answers to readers’ questions
• “Kollokviums on Fundamental Concepts» (volumes 21-22), compiled from the author’s oral answers to various Iissiidiology questions

This book series is being continually updated with new Oris’s answers to readers’ questions, which are being subsequently formed into new Iissiidiology volumes or added to existing volumes according to their subject.

This series of books reflects the author’s latest iissiidiological insights, which deepen, expand and supplement the information published in the previous book series «Iissiidi».


This book series consists of:

Volume 10. Immortality is accessible to everyone: 521 pages
Volume 11. Immortality is accessible to everyone: 691 pages
Volume 15. Immortality is accessible to everyone: 648 pages
Volume 1. Iissiidiology Fundamentals: 312 pages
Volume 2. Iissiidiology Fundamentals: 662 pages
Volume 3. Iissiidiology Fundamentals: 780 pages
Volume 4. Iissiidiology Fundamentals: 748 pages
Volume 5. Iissiidiology Fundamentals: 791 pages
Volume 6. Iissiidiology Fundamentals: 772 pages

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