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Series: «Extraterrestrial Contacts»

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In today’s world there is a lot of information about UFOs, about the meetings of individuals and even whole governments with aliens, as well as materials of telepathic Contacts with representatives of various extraterrestrial civilizations, etc. Unfortunately this information, while passing through different dimensions to us, in our three-dimensional world, is often subject to very strong distortions and is very often misunderstood by us due to the specifics of our three-dimensional way of thinking.

Offered to you materials of Oris’s Contacts with the commanders and crew members of the Sirius-A and Sirius-B starships, as well as with other extraterrestrial Consciousnesses and Civilizations, including the Consciousness of Christ, Lord Maitreya, God of the Sun (the Logos of our Solar System), Elohim (the Creators of our Universe), and the four Archangels (Michael, Uriil, Gabriel and Metatron), are unique because they are literally received «first-hand» and contain very valuable information, useful for all humanity, which lives on the eve of the Transfiguration of the Earth.

The Pleiadians and Siriusians, who are the true spiritual Teachers of Earth’s humanity, are happy to share with us the knowledge without which we earthlings cannot emerge from the endless series of earthly incarnations and join as equals the extraterrestrial civilizations that are part of the «Commonwealth of the Light Ring» on the expanses of Cosmic and Galactic Creativity.

About this and much more you can learn from this book series called «Extraterrestrial Contacts».


This book series consists of:

Book 1. «Teachers from Pleiades report»: 130 pages
Book 2. «The crew of the Starship Sirius-A reports»:  129 pages
Book 3. «The crew of the Starship Sirius-B reports»:  134 pages
Book 4. «The Teachers of the humanity report»:  135 pages
Book 5. «Extraterrestrials»:  135 pages
Book 6. «On the eve of Armageddon»:  147 pages
Book 7. «The beginning of Armageddon»:  127 pages
Book 8. «Quo Vadis»:  134 pages
Book 9. «The Word of Transfiguration»:  135 pages
Book 10. «The New Earth»:  150 pages
Book 11. «Messages from Heaven»:  118 pages
Book 12. «The Transmutation Diary»:   722 pages

Part 1:  178 pages
Part 2:  178 pages
Part 3:  167 pages
Part 4:  167 pages

Book 13. «All Extraterrestrial Contacts»:   410 pages

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